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CJ Investment Services, Inc.


 , a mortgage broker, arranging a loan secured by real property as described on the Loan Information Statement attached hereto, hereby employs CJ Investment Services, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as COMPANY) to assist the broker in completing the transaction.  COMPANY is not a public escrow service and is in no way responsible nor liable for the underwriting, funding, or disbursement of loan funds for this transaction.  COMPANY will rely solely on the information provided by the broker to prepare the necessary documentation.  Provision of all loan documentation for this transaction is not intended to be legal advice or a substitute for specific analysis of the loan or real estate law, either Federal or State, as it might apply to a specific factual situation.  The BROKER hereunder is advised to consult with his/her own attorney for any legal advise or specific assistance on this transaction or specific laws.  Said mortgage broker shall hold harmless COMPANY from any and all loss and expenses, including attorney's fees and court costs sustained by reason of any action, legal or otherwise, which may in anyway arise as a result of this transaction.  Said mortgage broker hereby further acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the compliance of this transaction with all applicable governing laws of the State of California.  

The broker provides herewith the following information, relative to the subject transaction.  The broker further agrees to provide additional information at the request of COMPANY as required to complete the documentation, including but not limited to the following: a copy of an active broker's license, a copy of the borrower's application, a copy of the borrower's tax returns for the 2 most previous years, or if self employed a copy of a financial statement or profit and loss for income disclosure purposes, a copy of any verification of employment obtained by the broker, a copy of the preliminary title report, a copy of the appraisal on the subject property or a broker's analysis or opinion of the market value, a copy of all construction related information if applicable, a copy of all notes and deeds of trust on senior encumbrances, the lender's name and vesting (NOTE: married investors who take title as their sole and separate property must have their spouses execute an assignment and escrow instructions), Section 32 loan worksheet (if applicable), and other information as may pertain to the specific loan transaction and as may be required by COMPANY.  

The terms and conditions of the loan being arranged by the broker will be as shown on the reverse hereof, to be completed by the broker.  All documents will be provided by COMPANY unless otherwise specified.  COMPANY is not responsible nor liable for any "sign-off" of the documents by borrower.  

All information provided and maintained in the files of COMPANY is the property of COMPANY and shall be kept for a period of not less than 5 years from the date of close of escrow.  All information regarding this transaction including borrower and lender information shall be maintained with the highest regard to confidentiality by COMPANY and shall be released only to those individuals entitled to it.  

The undersigned BROKER hereby agrees to pay COMPANY $_________ for document preparation.  An additional charge of $__________ is due if documents are required with less than 24 hours notice.  Fee is deemed earned and due and payable upon submission of completed documents to BROKER or title company.  COMPANY may elect to be paid out of escrow for said transaction.  If for any reason said transaction is not consummated, BROKER shall be liable to COMPANY for a cancellation fee as deemed appropriate by COMPANY.  

The undersigned broker hereby agrees to the terms and conditions and set forth herein and further acknowledges receipt of a copy of the foregoing.  

DATE: _____________  

Signature of Broker  
Accepted by:  

CJ Investment Services, Inc. 



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