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CJ Investment Services, Inc.

 Comprehensive Loan Servicing

Comprehensive Loan Servicing covers all types of loans, from the smallest residential loan to multi-million dollar commercial loans, multiple beneficiaries, hypothecations, and construction loans (including draw and expense accounts).  Have CJ service just one loan or your entire portfolio. 

Comprehensive Loan Servicing includes:

monthly payment coupons 
collection and disbursement of loan payments (within 10 days of receipt) 
payments can be deposited directly into the lender’s account 
up to the minute, accurate account information available via voice, fax, and e-mail 
copies of all borrower notices; i.e. late payment letters, balloon notices, etc. 
tracking of senior loan status
tracking of fire/hazard/flood/earthquake insurance coverages and renewal dates 
preparation of all beneficiary demands, statements of loan condition, note modifications, partial releases and reconveyances 
all year end accounting, 1098/1099 reporting, and service fee statements 
brokers also receive annual loan summaries, threshold reporting, and magnetic media 
servicing contracts can be individualized for the lender’s or broker’s needs
special contract rates are available for volume clients 

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